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Trailblazing Sports Group was born out of WHAT IF questions I asked myself in 2022.

What if I could help more brands invest in women's sports and demonstrate the positive ROI associated with that investment?

What if I could advise media companies on strategies to tell more stories and highlight female athletes in a sports media landscape dominated by coverage of male athletes?

What if after 10 years of doing "this thing" our little company would have made a material difference in the way brands invest in sports, and the way media companies cover teams, leagues and athletes?

But the biggest WHAT IF was when my 9 year old daughter asked me "WHAT IF I want to start my own company one day Mommy but I am too scared? "

And then I knew I had to do the thing, challenge the status quo, and take the leap. So here's to blazing trails for Anna & Ella and all the other little girls with big dreams on and off the field of play!


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